lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

Bullet with butterfly wings.. the legend of Mordecai - My innerself

"His feet lead him to the treasure
the one to be forgotten.
The Beast lurks in the darkness
waiting for freedom, to destroy the world

Let your vengeance fly through their heads
Bloodwing is never fallen

Your quest through the agonic wasteland
may lead you to your death.
But like the phoenix legend
you´ll be reborn again

you have become a legend
You and I!
we are the true believers

you are death personified
Is that what you´ve become?
is that what you´ve become?
is that what you´ve become?"

"-¿En eso te has convertido, viejo amigo?
-No, en eso NOS hemos convertido...

martes, 6 de abril de 2010

Las Calabazas Aplastandose


Welcome to nowhere fast
Nothing here ever lasts
but memories
Of what never was
We're nowhere, we're nowhere, we're nowhere to be
Nowhere, we're nowhere, we're nowhere to see
Living makes me sick
So sick I wish I'd die
Down in the belly of the beast
I can't lie
You're nowhere, you're nowhere, you're nowhere to be
Nowhere, you're nowhere, you're nowhere to see
There's nothing left to do
There's nothing left to feel
Doesn't matter what you want, so
To make yourself feel better
You make it so you'll never
Give in to your forevers
And live for always
And forever, forever, you're forever to be
Forever, forever, you're forever to me 

Si tan solo pudiese, volver, volver, volver
y entrar, entrar, entrar.
Pero aquel lugar
esta muriendo
esta cambiando.
Y yo tambien.